Accounting Services Singapore can Lighten Your Statutory Burden



Managing a start-up Singapore company is the task in itself. There are too many variables the business owners has to concentrate on. And when the business starts rolling in, they get busy with the providing of the services or products to the customers. For them, the time is money. In such a situation, hiring one of the accounting services Singapore makes sense.

Choose an Accounting Firm in Singapore

For a start-up, the initial customers are worth their weight in gold. If the owner and the employees of the business are multitasking, there is hardly any time in their hand for doing the bookkeeping and updating the accounts of the business. The start-up has the option of hiring an in-house accountant, a freelancer, or an experienced accounting firm in Singapore.

Prefer a Certified Public Accountant for Your Small Business

However, trained and certified accountants working in the accounting services are, generally, more dextrous and vigorous in the handing of accounting needs of their clients. Their industry-wide experience, sorts of, makes them more mature in these matters. It may enable accounting services Singapore to extricate if the need arises, your start-up from a tight spot.

Options in Hiring an Accountant for a Start-up

The choice of an accountant depends on the start-up’s budget and the mindset of the owner. Some of these may not be able to hire a permanent employee due to lack of resources. Some of the owners may hesitate to hire a freelancing accountant. And a few of them may not be inclined to trust even the well-known accounting services for small business Singapore with their financial information.

Whatever the case, it is important to note that the Singapore authorities like ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) expect businesses to comply, in full, with the relevant statutory regulations. You must never forget that the business owners and company directors are responsible for the annual filing of the financial statements of the company. By appointing accounting services Singapore, they can avoid the submission of inaccurate statements and being penalized.


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